About us

For over 20 years we have been dedicated to funeral services and have built a reputation that is hard to match in Oradea and Bihor County. Promptness, fairness and compassion are qualities that we have always cultivated in our relationship with each bereaved family that has come to us.

La Capatul Drumului comes to the support of the bereaved family by taking over the entire task of organizing the burial or cremation.

La Capatul Drumului Funeral Home was launched in 2001, in Oradea, our resources being at this time a rented space for our headquarters, five cars for local funeral transport, 20 employees serving an average of 130 cases per month, about 1,700 per year.

Since 2005 we have our own office, 5 cars with which we carry out not only local but also international funeral transports all over Europe, in countries like Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Greece, Poland and Spain.

Also, in 2009 our agency was ranked 2nd and in 2011 3rd in the County Top of Companies, in the category "Other service activities / Small businesses", top drawn up by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bihor.

In these difficult moments, we are at your disposal with our full range of funeral services, which includes among others our advice and support, the preparation of the necessary documents, the preparation of the coffin, the grooming and embalming of the deceased, the funeral transport or the repatriation and preparation of the burial place.

We can also provide you with all the funeral products and accessories you need, from caskets and urns to funeral floral arrangements.

In 2013, La Capatul Drumului/At the end of the road ranked first in Bihor county in the field "9603: Funeral and similar activities", according to the 2012 balance sheet, top compiled by ListaFirme.ro.

Our funeral agency offers funeral services at a quality level corresponding to EU requirements, being ISO 9001 certified.

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